Chinese Paper Cutting -- prints

The prints are printed on fine art paper using the giclee printing method, unframed.

Prices include shipping, unless otherwise stated.  All prices are in USD.

If you are interested in buying the original artwork, please PM me for prices.

Chinese Paper Cutting -- Chinese Zodiac series 

original artworks

My husband and I have been called as couple missionaries for LDS-C.  For this reason, I will not be producing original artwork for the Zodiac Animal Series in the next 18 months.  However, you are welcome to place orders for the Gospel Theme Series.  Thank you for all your support!

Each piece of work is an original artwork, with your animal zodiac and name in Chinese.  The work is mounted on 12" x 12" fine art paper, unframed.  US$120 each, shipping included.

Just choose the animal and a design (e.g., Rat - Chelsea), and give me your name in Chinese and an original paper cutting will be made. 

If you don't have a Chinese name, I can make one for you using your English name.  Or you may choose the following words:

1. Faith  信心   2. Love   愛  3. Hope  希望   4. Courage  勇氣   5.  Family  家庭    6. Other words (Please consult with me.)