Bulletin Board Ideas (page 3)

I understand that some teachers are not artistic, and all teachers are busy.  So here are some ideas that are student-oriented and yet will take only one class period to do so.  You may even send the materials home for the students to do at home.



I sketch a shirt outline with a marker on a piece of drawing paper and run enough copies for my students on colored drawing paper using a copying machine.

I have each student decorate his/her own shirt, using a praise or encouraging phrase.  They also write their goals for that school year and stick on their shirts.

I secure two pieces of string across the length of the bulletin board and hang the shirts up with clothespins.  I staple the corners of the shirts so they don't fall off easily.


This is not only motivational, and ESL students can pick up some target language.  And the best of all, it takes the least of my effort and time.


Up, Up and Away -- The Sky is the Limit hot air balloons


I have done two versions with the hot air balloons.  One is with the older students in P.6.  They write about what they want to be when they grow up and stick the writing to the basket.

The second version is for the younger students with less English.

You can easily find some hot air balloon templates online.  Just have the students decorate their own.  I always take photos of my students at the beginning of the school year.  So I can use the heads from the photos in their writing and art projects.

The only thing I really did was typing out the words of the captions and drawing the clouds.  The students helped by cutting out everything for me.


The Up-House


This is probably the most challenging one I've ever done.  I got the idea from online.  There are different ways to do the balloons.  The easier one is to use 2-D balloon templates. 

But I was a bit ambitious.  I made the balloons using the papier mache technique.

If you are teaching older students, you can do this with them.  It's really fun to do, but be cautious, it's also really messy.

Two students may work on one papier mache balloon.  When it's all dry, cut the balloon into two halves.  Have each student paint his/her favorite color.  Use poster paints.  They'll have to paint at least two layers in order to cover the balloons well.

The hardest part is to mount the balloons onto the door.  How did I do it?  I can only tell you here because I think my former principal will not see it here.  I actually nailed the balloons onto the wooden door using a hammer.  I remember after I took down the balloons, I put some posters on the door to cover the holes.  (Heeheehee...)



My students really love Minions.  For our Book Character Day one year, they wanted to be Minions.  So I read a couple Minion stories to them and they dressed up as Minions and other characters in the books.  We even won an award for our performance.

So we created a Minion board.  Each student made one.  I even made my teaching partner, who is not very artistic, to make one.

We also write goals for the school year on an apple shaped note paper and stick on the Minions.

Rainbow Fish


We read the story "Rainbow Fish: A Hidden Treasure", which is about friendship.  After reading and the discussion, I have each student make two scales using two half circles.  On one they write about one quality to be a good friend.  On another, they write about what they can do for a friend.  Then I arrange the scales on two giant fish.

Of course, I make good use of their hands for the rainbow.


Themed Bulletin Boards

Since our English curriculum uses a theme based approach, I always create themed bulletin boards to go along.

Shopping Unit

照片 171.jpg

For the shopping unit, I make some canopies to represent shops, and then put a large sheet of construction paper under each.

The student collect some pictures of merchandize and put them on the paper.  They also add price tags.

On shopping day, we put a desk in front of each shop.  Some students will be shopkeepers and cashiers, while the others are customers.  They would do shopping using picture cards and fake money.

An integration of language skills and Math concepts.

Lights and Shadows Unit

照片 172.jpg
照片 173.jpg

Lights and Shadows Unit


The Lights and Shadows unit is a science unit.  In order to integrate with language teaching, we read some poems about the sun, the moon and the stars.

So the students write some moon poems using some formats (according to their ability levels).  Afterwards, they copy their finished poems onto a moon shaped paper.

A World of Learning


This year we enlarge the students' visions to a global sense.  We study countries, communication and transportation.

I download some nationality costumes online and cover them with my students' faces.

Folk Tales and Fairy Tales


This is always my favorite unit, and also my students'.  I make two castles, and put two captions on each castle.  One starts with "Long, long time ago......" and the other one ends with "......and they lived happily ever after."

After each book they read, the students draw one of their favorite characters and put on the castle.

3 little pigs' houses.JPG

The "The Three Little Pigs" is always students' favorite.  It can also be used to teach comparative and superlative adjectives, as well as ordinal numbers.


We read "Jack and the Beanstalk".  They make the giant by tracing my male teaching partner and Jack by using the smallest sized student in the class.  

After we traced the characters, they painted them.

They made the bean stalk by twisting and rolling some newspaper together and connected them to make one very long stalk.  If everyone would make one, for a class of 25 students, you would have a very long stalk.  They painted the stalk and cut out some leaves and glued on the stalk.  They really had a lot of fun doing this project.


The Community Helpers Unit


For our Community Helpers Unit, we actually build a community map on our board.

We use shoe boxes, and another other boxes we can find.  Cover them with colored paper and decorate them into community facilities such as the library, hospital and fire station, etc.

Later, the students do their favorite community helpers writings and make a pop-up book with them and we place the books on the appropriate facility.


Reading Bugs

Reading bugs 1.JPG

I am sure every teacher makes your students do book reports.  Why not make the reading and book reports more interesting and motivating.

I always believe and have testimonies about displaying students' work.  They love to show off their work.  If they know it's going to be displayed, they'll put more effort into completing their assignments.

Reading bugs 6.JPG
Reading bugs 5.JPG