Bulletin Board Ideas (page 2)


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Students' hands are so useful and 'handy'.  Each student traces his/her hands four times in the favorite colors.  Then trace two more on green paper for the leaves.  Use their own heads (I mean from the photo) for the stamens or pistils.  Add a stem and you've got spring flowers.

There are different ways to make butterflies, but here I just downloaded some patterns online and had the students color them.

They're learning about plants.  So this is a good way to help them retain the vocab they learn in this unit.

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If you are a Math teacher, this is a fun measuring activity.  Cut out long thin strips of paper.  Have the students measure and then cut the length of the paper using their own heights.  This is the stem.  They need to record their heights on the stems.  Add leaves and flowers made of small paper plates and tissue paper or other colored paper.  

Since I was also their English teacher, I had them write about themselves on each leaf, such as their favorite color, food and book, etc.


Other subject related decorations


In G.S., they learn about seasons and weather.  This umbrella is a good word wall to help the students pick up the vocab.


Another Math activity.  Students can adjust the time with the movable hands.  Of course you can change the titles, such as their school time tables.


In Visual Art lessons, they make fish using paper plates, which go really well with the animal unit.

I just love the divers.


Transportation is another G.S. topic. 

For Author Study, the P.6 students study about Chris Van Allsburg.  Of course, "the Polar Express" is their favorite, besides "Jumanji" and "Zathura".    


Sometimes teachers would ask the students to write about their school.  The students learn about the school facilities, such as the music room, the library, etc.  So I have them write a riddle about a school room, and make it into a school shaped booklet.


I always do "Student of the Week", and the student loves to be focused, especially doing the "All About Me" poster. 

Give the student one week to do the poster.  On that day, the student may also bring in a paper bag of three items to show and tell.

Posting the posters on a bulletin board will also save your time decorating it.


A class puzzle is a good way to build class spirit and to get to know each other.

Each student will do one piece of the puzzle.  They write about themselves on each piece.

Tips: Before you ask the students to write and decorate the puzzle piece, be sure to draw an arrow on the back to indicate which way is up.


Another way to write about themselves.  This is a version for the older students.


Most of the time, I make my own decorations for the classroom.  But like any other teacher, I'm very busy too.  So once in a while I would use purchased items to decorate my bulletin board.  Just add a little creativity and your board is still unique.

The only problem in Hong Kong is it's not easy to find ready made decors, and they're expensive.  You may purchase online, but the shipping is very costly.  

For the bats here, I cut out some bats from black paper.  Laminate them and glue the students' heads on (Hmmmm...).  Then I score some lines on the wings so they fold and pop up.